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Dr. Heather Jones



Dr. Heather has been exploring ancient and modern healing approaches for over 30 years. Motivated to help others and continually exploring ancient and new, progressive approaches to healing, her studies have taken her around the globe to big cities, remote villages, private islands and mountain tops. Her approach to healing is founded on formal education, deep reflection, transformational experiences, remote travel within herself and around the globe, silence and studies with masters of wisdom from the Dalai Lama to her grandmother. Trained as a chiropractor, RIM facilitator, energy medicine practiioner and Body Awake yoga instructor she has practiced energy healing, transformational meditation and movement integration, helping thousands of patients for over 25 years in her wellness practice, Discover Wellness Within, located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is the co-author of the national best seller, Discover Wellness Canada edition and speaks, shares  and teaches throughout North America and has appeared in media such as TV, radio shows and webinars. She facilitates Small Group Transformational Healing Intensive Retreats where she incorporates many different healing arts into a holistic, life changing experience for participants. With a grounded, practical approach to healing, Dr. Heather believes in falling in love with the adventure of inner healing and loves to help her people integrate and blend different healing experiences into everyday joyful simple living.

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